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Dynamic Management Control Center for SAGA Series Digital Recorders (Discontinued)

  • Unlimited number of devices
    The SAGA CMS is a complete solution which encompasses monitoring of up to 64 different sites and enables recording of an unlimited number of cameras. The SAGA CMS connects, monitors, manages, and records the Vitek SAGA series DVRs.

  • Unlimited E-Map
    The location of the site does not have to be limited just to one picture or one map. Several views and different angles can be added for strategic camera placement and status update. Even the direction of each camera may be displayed.

  • Multiple Monitor Support
    The SAGA CMS enables separation of its six major features for display on six individual monitors for simultaneous, detailed control and accurate monitoring at a glance.

  • 64 channel viewer window with visual cues for live monitoring
  • Playback screen with controls
  • E-map
  • DVR Health Report and Maintenance
  • Preview Screen
  • Search Window
  • Status Report
    The SAGA CMS reports the status of each channel in real time so that immediate response can be deployed. The visual cues are shown in the following screens:

  • 64 channel viewer
  • E-map
  • DVR List
  • Group List

Spec SheetSAGA CMS: Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD 9/27/2016