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Single Channel IP to Analog Decoder (Discontinued)

  • Converts MPEG4 streams from IP devices including IP Cameras and IP Servers into an analog signal
  • Dual BNC Video outputs allow for remote viewing of IP devices using a BNC enabled video monitor without the need of a computer
  • Creates a Virtual Audio & Video Matrix for IP Devices on a local network or across the internet to connect with a local analog device or infrastructure
  • Capable of receiving RS-232/RS-485 signals from devices attached to VT-IPS servers such as cash register interfaces and P.O.S. systems
  • Enables control of IP enabled cameras and servers using analog devices such as a Keyboard Controller
  • Bi-directional, full duplex audio communication
  • Dual NC/NO Selectable Sensor Inputs
  • Dual Relay Outputs for Event based automatic or manual triggering

The IP Decoder supports bi-directional audio for two way audio communication, two alarm inputs and output relays, serial communication in both RS-232 and RS-485 for serial control.