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MEG Series

High Definition Digital Video Recorder (Discontinued)

  • Guaranteed 30 frames per second delivery of crisp, clear High Definition Video.
  • Guaranteed zero loss of video or frame drops.
  • No headaches involving third party protocols, cameras or DVRs!
  • Maintain and design traditional Closed Circuit Television Video Security Systems.
  • No need to purchase expensive network equipment or run network cables.
  • Use the same 95% copper braided cable, or even RG-6!
  • 100% digital data transmitted over coax.
  • Simple plug and play, point-to-point connection from the camera to the DVR.
  • Included CMS software (free) capable of viewing up to 100 channels from any registered MEG series DVRs. Two Available Configurations: VT-HD4-R1: 4 Channel with High Definition Recording VT-HD4/4-R1:4 Channel with High Definition Recording + 4 Channel D1 Recording