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8-Input Automatic Sequential Switcher (Discontinued)

  • 8 inputs, 2 outputs
  • 3 position toggle switches (bypass, auto & home function)
  • Adjustable dwell knob w/ 2 - 35 second interval
  • BNC input / output connectors

The VTS-W08 switcher is competitively priced Automatic Sequential Switcher designed to meet the needs of the small closed-circuit video system user and which allow two monitors to display the output of up to eight cameras in automatic sequence. The scene from each camera is displayed on the monitor for an operator-selected interval of 0.5-30 seconds and may be stopped and a selected scene viewed at the operator's discretion. Unused camera positions may be bypassed without changing the order of sequence or the dwell time. The dwell setting and power switch are incorporated into one control. Red LED lamps indicate the camera position being viewed.

Video Inputs8 BNC connectors

Signal Input Level0.7-2.0 V p-p, 75 Ohm

Video Outputs2 BNC connectors

Signal Output Levels1 V p-p, 75 Ohm

Sequential Interval0.5-30 seconds adjustable

Switching TimeLess than one microsecond

Video GainUnity

Phase LinearityBetter than 3Þ - 10MHz

Frequency Response2Hz-45MHz-0.5dB

Total BandwithLess than 1Hz to beyond 10MHz (-3dB point)

Maximum Tilt1%

Video CrosstalkGreater than 40dB down at 10MHz (Input to Output)

Hum and NoiseGreater than 55dB down (reference 0dB-1 Vrms) Video switching

ElementsTTL intigrated circuits

BandwithLess then 1Hz to beyond 10MHz

Video ConnectorsBNC

Power SwitchRotary control

Switching3-position toggle:bypass, auto and home;snap-action

Dwell Time SwitchingRotary controlled, 0.5 to 30 seconds

ConstructionSteel with black finish

Input Voltage110VAC, 60Hz

Power Consumption5 watts

Weight (per unit)N.W./G.W.:4.96lbs/5.51lbs

Dimensions12.21" x 1.76" x 9.57" (WxHxD)

Spec SheetVTS-W08: Spec Sheet DOWNLOAD 9/27/2016

ManualVTS-W08: Manual DOWNLOAD 9/27/2016